Water fluoridation protects Colorado children

We take pride in our state being one of the healthiest in the nation. People come to Colorado to enjoy skiing, hiking, fishing and our relaxed way of life. Coloradans can maintain this tradition of promoting good health for generations to come by making sure our children and communities get the protective benefits of water fluoridation.

A unique part of our history

Fluoride is part of Colorado’s fascinating history. The fluoride mineral was discovered in mountain water in Colorado Springs nearly a century ago, prompting research that ultimately proved its benefit to oral health. Now, more than 70 years after the adoption of community water fluoridation, a vast majority of Americans are enjoying better oral health by simply drinking their tap water.

A way to protect kids

Water with fluoride strengthens tooth enamel, which prevents tooth decay and supports better overall health. Young children are especially vulnerable to tooth decay because the enamel on their baby teeth is thin. When young kids have untreated tooth decay, it can be very painful, and can harm their physical, academic, and social development. Kids from low-income families are often hit the hardest by cavities and are less likely to have access to dental care. Drinking tap water with fluoride is one of the best ways to protect all of our children and communities—and ensure good oral health for life.

Benefits for All of Us

Everyone—even those with good access to dental care—benefits from community water fluoridation. Combined with daily brushing and regular dental visits, water fluoridation helps us all enjoy good health. It’s one of the key reasons why today fewer people need dentures and are able keep their teeth for life!

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